Night of the Dead Tour

Tour designed to introduce oneself respectfully into an indigenous Purepecha tradition threatened by modern life, tradition that still fights and resists change.

In Santa Fe de la Laguna, Tzintzuntzan and Janitzio

Tarascan villages, almost unknown and far away from the uproar of commercialism, that still keep the enchantment, mystery and greatness of a ceremony that in other times made Janitzio Island famous, a ceremony today considered an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO


This tour leaves at 9pm and comes back to Morelia between 5 and 7am the following day for only $1000.00 pesos per person. The tour includes transportation, boat, bilingual tour guide.


Domestic Offerings in Santa Fe de la Laguna, Tzintzuntzan and Janitzio and its Cemetery at 2 am.

Night of the Dead Tour

Why we don’t visit Janitzio

Janitzio Island Patzcuaro Lake MexicoUnfortunately Janitzio Island, known around the world for this celebration, has become too crowded and commercialized. In broad daylight, the island has one of the most beautiful landscapes to admire in México. But the spirit of modern times has turned the island into a big market for the Night of the Dead, and multitudes will make it difficult to let you see anything related to the purpose of your visit. Such purpose is to know a very mystical festivity based on the religious idea than the dead come back from the beyond and share with the living a moment of encounter, a family moment, full of symbols and meanings, an astonishing experience of love, it is a true privilege to witness this cultural expression in a world that changes values dramatically . In Janitzio the cemetery has become everything but a quiet place. Too much show.

Pacanda Island

Pacanda Island was inhabited before Janitzio. We´ll take you there, where the celebration still continues alive and almost unknown and surprisingly, even more spectacular and unique. We have agreed with the islanders touristic measures in order to maintain this tradition protected and alive. This will be our eighth year going there… and we’re going for the ninth. We will visit Cuanajo first, one the most renown purépecha towns for its wooden furniture. On this occasion we won’t focus on the wonders of their wood works, but their live, strong tradition of Noche de Muertos inside their homes. We´ll be allowed to come into some homes and practice with them the welcoming of their dead to the family altar. We invite you to be a witness and to be part of the honest modesty and humbleness yet greatness of this belief … Then we will go to Tzurumútaro (“Place of Thorns”). Cuanajo town shows the domestic side of Noche de Muertos, Tzurumútaro will show you the cemetery side and we´ll fulfill part of our mission. The time spent in this town´s cemetery will show you the local preparations for the celebration in the graveyard. Then we´ll take you to Pacanda Island arriving around 2am to its cemetery, –twice as big as Janitzio´s, right at the cusp moment of a deep popular feeling…