Will the butterflies fly when I am there?

That depends not on the tour guides, but on the sunshine.

Butterflies´wings are solar panels as we already said. Up in the mountains, beyond 8 thousand feet, atmospheric conditions can change rapidly. There are moments when the clouds condense from one hour to the next and the sky that was brilliant blue, becomes dark gray, or viceverse: sometimes you start walking up from the parking areas, and everything looks terribly cloudy, sad and hopeless, dragging along with your spirit the dust, but just before getting to the colony of butterflies, the sky opens and the fairy tale appears in front of you, miraculously. And that happens with an extraordinaire frequency.

It is better to go up there with the idea of finding them as they are naturally and logically, it means: sleeping, hibernating, overwintering. And if they decide to wake up for an instant for you, consider yourself lucky enough of have taken a glance to heaven.

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