Which is the best month to visit?

mariposa1The best month is so difficult to predict. Nature doesn´t have a contract with us. We have failed in the past years several times. The reason is that the mountains of sanctuaries are usually over 10 thousand feet and local conditions up there change dramatically from one hour to the other. If you’re a mountainous , you’ll understand this. There are magnificent conditions in all of the months, but some times, from one day to the other they change for the worst.

Something people forget is that Monarchs come to our woods not to give a show to tourists, but to hibernate, to sleep in the mist of the cold forests. And if it happens that sun shines, then they’ll react immediately fluttering. And that´s what people expects to see. But even if they don’t flutter, it is spectacular to see the trees covered with millions of butterflies. And, to be honest, that´s what most of the tourists see. The newspapers photos and documentaries they usually present the best moments of butterflies, but not the gray ones. Even we do like that.

Think of those that go to see the whales: there are yet thousand of whales in our gulfs, but people feel lucky if they get close enough to one, one only, even if it doesn’t jump on the air spectacularly. And they will remember that for the rest of their lives.

Which is the best moment for a kiss? Monarchs are like kisses, and the most unpredictable tastes the best.

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