Is it worth visiting the sanctuaries if there are few monarchs?

How many are many, and how many are few? That depends as well on your point of view. For example, the indigenous owners they love to boast of the natural richness they have up there, saying to tourists “Oh, this is nothing, nothing, you should have seen them yesterday… or the next week”! And they tell you that even when you can´t believe the amount of butterflies fluttering in front of their noses. We love to repeat this example: how many stars are there in the smallest galaxy of the Universe? Millions and millions, and there´s no human eye that could see them all at once. It´s an impossibility more than obvious. Exactly like that happens with the Monarchs: the “few” becomes incomprehensibly many, like our genoma.
Or think of it this other way: if we told you that in the whole world, the whole, on March the 30th, only in one and exceptional place of the planet can be seen a tree, only one tree, covered by 30 thousand butterflies in a natural way, Would you go to see it? If we told that in no other part of Earth you could see one tree like that, in conditions that because of global changes could never be seen again, would you go to see it? Do you think that seen 10 butterflies of the same kind standing on a bush near your home, is a unique and irrepetible event that enriches your soul? Has it ever happen to you? Definitely it worths the visit to see 30 thousand on a tree, even if it is endings of the Monarchs season.
And believe us: that is one of the most spiritual moments that any one can ever have, even with those “few” Monarchs.

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