Are horses allowed in the Monarch Sanctuaries?

HorseThis varies between the different sanctuaries:

  • Rosario doesn´t accept horses.
  • Chincua Sanctuary and Cerro Pelon Sanctuary they do.

But frankly speaking horses must be secondary for this tour. More important are the butterflies after a nice walk.

If you chose to ride horses within your trip you must understand that if you’re not experienced with riding then you’ll suffer from your legs, above all in the Cerro Pelon sanctuary as the terrain in this sanctuary is really a very difficult horse climbing. In Cerro Pelon sanctuary you start climbing this monstrous mountain from very low. Here the only road leads to the village Macheros which is far down from the sanctuaries in the first months of the season.

In Rosario and Chincua sanctuaries, the roads allow cars to take people up at least 3/4 of the big mountains and that is of a big help at around 10 thousand feet elevation. They charge in Chincua around 100 or 200 pesos for the round trip, and some 150 pesos in Cerro Pelon, plus a tip for the hire of the horses

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