Can I eat those exotic fruits?

Lots of foreigners envy mexicanos that eat tons of different fruits, and they can´t since they are affraid. It´s very easy to join the world of fruit flavors. Go to any pharmacy or big groceries store and ask for “Mycrodin” –written down in a pice of paper–, a miraculous bactericide than sweeps with amoeba and up to 650 diseases and is no toxic for humans. Costs less than 2 USD. To find the brands that offer it in USA or Canada, please google “Colloidal silver”. It´s a litlle dark plastic tube 2” long and 1” wide that fits in every pocket, and we are almost sure that you use it regularly at home. Buy a new plastic bag for one kilo of blackberries, for example, pour in half a litter of bottled water and then some drops of Mycrodin, wait for ten minutes, and bon appetit! Now, you know it: carry always your colloidal silver, some clean plastic bags, and buy everywhere your bottled water. Soldiers in the Korean War could survive this way drinking muddy water.

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